Reviews – old

“Smallen deftly uses the heartbreaking power of plain language” Elizabeth Hoover, Minneapolis Star Tribune.

In Buddha, Proof “Smallen succeeds in introducing major concepts of Buddhism in a way that is welcoming, approachable and full of joy.” Elizabeth Hoover, Minneapolis Star Tribune. Full review here:

“Su Smallen writes with resonant clarity and a common sense informed by art, science, and spiritual practice.  The self in these poems is a process not a thing.  ‘The poem is both a particle and a wave,’ she writes, and proves it with work that beautifully marries attention and evanescence.  [Weight of Light]’s Afterword is an elegant, lyrical and clear-headed reflection on poetry written in a hybrid form, part poetry and part essay, and entirely compelling.” –Alison Hawthorne Deming, author of Rope and Genius Loci 

“Su Smallen’s work has a decidedly ‘made’ feeling about it, expertly crafted and by turns joyful and elegiac–always full of the wonderment and strangeness of life.” –Steve Mueske, Editor, author of Slower Than Stars