Ambitious, bold, inventive, intelligent, sensual – Connie Wanek

          Entirely compelling – Alison Hawthorne Deming

Wonderfully faithful to the world, its unanswerable questions and undeniable mysteries – Jim Moore

Su Love is the author of six books of poetry. Scroll down for more info and where to buy:

The Memoir of Mona Lisa and Other Poemsbook cover front

“How / Can you not love the one with whom / You are beautiful?” In the languages of movement and place, The Memoir of Mona Lisa and Other Poems attends to the lines we draw but don’t exist for gender, public and private, art and life, making and finding, gravity and joy. In the title sonnet sequence, imagined from research and long looking, Mona Lisa examines “the questions of / Form and perspective, surface and relationship” and reveals her relationship with her husband and her husband’s male lover.

Terrifying but also exhilarating – Jim Moore, author of Underground

Timeless feminine resilience – Maya Washington, director of Through the Banks of the Red Cedar

Absolutely beautiful language. Powerful, surprising images – Sheila O’Connor, author of Evidence of V

Available through the publisher, Salmon Poetry ( – look for “Quick Search by Author” beneath the menu bar and scroll down to Love. Your local independent bookstore ( can order it for you via Dufour. Or, order direct from the author su [at] sulove [dot] org

Kinds of Snow

Direct, unvkinds-of-snow-cover_webarnished, luminous—a kind of gratitude shot through the work for the beauty of the place, . . . a lexicon of snow, sing with notes of grief, sorrow, joy and resilience.  —Spencer Reece, author of The Clerk’s Tale and Road to Emmaus

Resonant clarity . . . work that beautifully marries attention and evanescence. —Alison Hawthorne Deming, author of Stairway to Heaven and Death Valley, Painted Light

Published by Green Writers Press ( Ask at your local independent bookstore ( – if they don’t have Kinds of Snow in stock, they can get it for you via Ingrams, Baker & Taylor, and Midwest Trade Point – just ask!  Or order direct from the author su [at] sulove [dot] org

You This Close you-this-close-cover_web

You This Close is a double-crown sonnet sequence of poems rippling with hope for love, addressing a beloved not yet met. Illustrated by Jessica Zeglin.

Su Smallen has mastered the language of suggestion, intricately weaving endings with beginnings, longing with resonance as she proceeds with “wild caution.”  – Joyce Sutphen, Minnesota Poet Laureate, author of The Green House

Published by Red Dragonfly Press. Available at Small Press Distribution ( or order direct from the author su [at] sulove [dot] org

Wild HushCover of Wild Hush by Su Smallen

These are my daughters, so full of wild hush. Featuring art by Susan Solomon. Available through the publisher Red Bird Chapbooks (

Cover of the book BUDDHA, PROOFBuddha, Proof

Buddha befriends Barbie, shops at Target, rides roller coasters, considers a career change, and contemplates the complete perfection of toast. Buddha, Proof honors the center, not-center of Buddhism with humor and gravity.

A Minnesota Book Award Finalist in Poetry. Published by Red Dragonfly Press. Available at: Small Press Distribution ( and  Subtext Books (

“Su Smallen writes with eccentric grace and clarity. Buddha, Proof offers readers compelling collisions between Su’s re-imagined Buddha for our time (for all time) and a vast array of characters, landscapes, and philosophical bewilderments.” – Deborah Keenan

Weight of Light

Puschcart Prize Editors’ Book Award Nominee, published by Laurel Poetry Collective – Sold Out and Out of Print 


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